The Clutter Cure.

Learn the science and magic of our proven process. Make space to focus on what matters.
Follow our self study course in the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

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We have helped countless people master their homes and lives.
Now you can master yours in our interactive online program.

Course participants have:

  • Created homes that are less stressful, easier to manage & personal

  • Moved into new paths, jobs and places

  • Sold their homes after one viewing

  • Left relationships that weren’t working / found new love

  • Reclaimed their sleep and their health

  • Found their fortunes (& often actual cash!)

We’ve guided participants from around the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

"In 5 weeks I achieved more than in 2 years!!!
I didn’t realise how much of the ‘excess’ stuff played in my mind. I got so much out of it.
It really helped me see why I struggled to let go of stuff…my house feels lighter and so does my head."

− Cat, England

"The course made me address my embarrassing corners of mess in our apartment. It gave me the inspiration to conquer them and create a more calm and soothing space that I love being in!

− Estelle, USA

"I learn to let go from so many things I didn’t want or used in my home, things that I had for 10 years or more…It’s like a diet for your home and soul.

− Mariela, Puerto Rico

How can one course help you achieve all this?

We work from the outside in.
We know that uncluttering the spaces that should support you is the first step.
We add our experience as results coaches and teach you how to create new habits AND make them stick.
In essence, we are all just the sum of our habits, so when we learn new ones, our lives will change.

1. Get You Started

Starting can often be the hardest part. It’s probably why you’re here. We’re known as the starting experts. We start with a corner. We get you started.

2. Letting Go

The first step of letting go is coming to grips with why you keep what you keep. Our course helps you figure this out so you can start to let go.

3. Lasting Changes

Built into our course are our Happy House Rules: easy to use rules and habits that help start you on your new plan, and stick to it.

This course will give you:

  • Exclusive access to our online learning platform
  • Weekly lessons with easy to complete exercises
  • Quick fixes + long-lasting techniques to help you along the way – and use for life
  • Teach you new habits
  • Make you money (yes, really)
  • Give you a kick in the pants (something that everyone needs from time to time!)

All for the low price of £97

Meet the Course Designers

We’re Natalie and Tip, change agents who discovered an easier way to get started, unstuck and moving forward while we worked on our own homes. We’ve been transforming lives this way for years in our workshops and consulting and coaching practice…and we want to share what we’ve learned with you!

A powerful proven process
Built around our method for changing your spaces to change your lives, and changing your habits, and making them stick.

Online delivery
Our eCourse model enables you to experience our proven process while going step-by-step at your own pace, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Still reading? Sounds like you’re really interested. Let’s start. Together.

Have Questions?

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